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Paul McCartney is giving up pot

The 69-year-old music legend is quitting weed because he wants to be a responsible dad for his little girl!

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Sir Paul McCartney makes a shocking announcement — After smoking marijuana since the 1960s, he’s finally giving it up for good! His 8-year-old daughter Beatrice inspired him to stop. “I smoked my share,” he says. “When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you’re lucky, at some point.”

Sir Paul has gotten into trouble so many times over the years for his drug use, but he kept up with the habit until now. “Enough’s enough — you just don’t seem to think it’s necessary,” he explains.

Beatrice has also inspired the musician to make his tours shorter and schedule around his custody arrangement with ex Heather Mills. “What we do now is events and selective dates,” he says. “Because of my custody situation, I can only do that. At first, we thought ‘Oh, God, is this going to be a problem?’ and it’s actually turned out to be some kind of a blessing.”

We’re so glad Paul is  finally giving up the drugs!

 The Most Insane Before & After Weight Loss Photos
How I Gained It: I've always been an active person and although my weight has fluctuated in the past, I've generally been in good shape. However, in my late teens I developed bipolar disorder (which was only diagnosed in the last six months). Then, at the age of 24, my hero, my father, died from aggressive cancer. It tore me apart, and my symptoms worsened as a result. I would use food as a response to the entire spectrum of emotion: happiness, sadness, depression, solitude, celebration, anger, etc. My eating habits spiraled out of control until I was putting myself under a great deal of financial stress. I would also eat in secret, out of shame for my more

Atacama Desert's "Extreme Microbial Oasis" --A Preview of Future Ma...

Mars may have been arid for more than 600 million years, making it too hostile for any life to survive on the planet’s surface, according to researchers who have been carrying out the painstaking task of analysing individual particles of Martian soil collected during the 2008 NASA Phoenix mission. The team estimated that the soil on Mars had been exposed to liquid water --critical for life--for at most 5,000 years since its formation billions of years full story


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