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Here you will find "Cheat Sheets" and other handy information such as good websites for certain areas of study and tutorials.  If you find a great math website that is not here, then please add a link to it.

Let's start off with some cheat sheets that I found which were prepared by Mr. Paul Dawkins of Lamar University in Texas.  Mr. Dawkins has done a very comprehensive job with gathering all this information together.

Algebra Cheat Sheet - Four pages of common algebra concepts, properties and functions

Trig Cheat Sheet - Four pages of formulas properties and identities with a unit circle


Geometry cheat sheets

Formula Sheet

Mid-Term Cheat Sheet

Triangle Centers Memory Sheet

Calculus and Precalculus cheat sheets

Arithmetic and Geometric Series Cheat Sheet

Limits Cheat Sheet

Derivatives Cheat Sheet

Integrals Cheat Sheet

Common Derivatives and Integrals

Table of LaPlace Transforms

LaPlace Transform Pairs Encountered in Circuit Analysis


Calculators Online

Derivative Calculator for Calculus

Integral Calculator for Calculus

Another Derivative Calculator for Calculus with Graph

Another Integral Calculator for Calculus with Graph

Graphing Calculator

Another Graphing Calculator with Domain, Range, End Behavior and more

Graph Paper you can print

Rectangular 6 per page

Rectangular 4 per page

Large Square Grid

Polar 6 per page

Polar 4 per page

Unit Circle


How to Use your TI-83/84/89/92 Calculator

TI-83/84/89/92 Procedures and Help

TI-84 Statisticts Video Lectures

Graphing Piecewise Functions on TI-83/84

Downloadable Math eBooks

After clicking on the links below, you should be prompted to save the file.  Courtesy of Paul Dawkins at Lamar University.

Algebra (Math1314) Complete Book

Calculus I (Math 2413)

Calculus II (Math 2414)

Calculus III (Math 2415)

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Some Math Websites you may want to check out in order to get some practice problems to do.  The more practice you do the better you get so let's get practicing.





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