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Hi guys! I have an Electricity exam tomorrow. So this is really urgent. There are 2 kinds of exercises I don't know how to do. The tests usually have similar exercises to these below:

1) Operational Amplifiers

Consider the circuit represented in the picture below.  The voltage vi(t)=1sin(wt) V and the operational amplifier saturates in (+-)12V. Calculate and plot the signal of the voltage vo(t).

2) Diodes

Consider the circuit below. Plot the signal vo(t) (show your calculations [all of them]).

I really need your help! Thanks a lot!

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For your op amp, the output would hit the negative rail of -12 volts anytime the input is higher than 0.5 volts.  The rest of the time it would go to the positive rail of +12 volts.  It does this because you have a gain of about 30.  Multiply your gain times your 0.5 volts, that gives you 15 volts which puts you beyond the 12 volt rail.

Checkout more op amp info at the link below.



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