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Hello. I have a question.

Lets assume I have 2 identical amplifiers with 36 watt Pmax each.

If i connect both output to 1 typical 200w speaker, is it going to play 72 watts?
or will it damage the circuit?

thank you!

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Look at the picture below. This is an example of a power output amp schematic. If you tied the output of two of these together, it would work to provide more power to your speakers. The question would be, would it double the power? If you are a student of electronics, you know that when you put two circuits together in parallel, the total impedance will drop. So with two identical amps, you could expect your impedance to drop to half. This would cause an impedance mismatch with your load, the speaker, which would result in getting less of your power to the speaker. So you could tie the two together, preferably with some small resistance between them, but your power would be something less than double because of the impedance mismatch.


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