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Payroll-Tax-Cut Compromise: Washington Is Talking Again

Congressional leaders have struck a $150 billion deal that would extend the payroll-tax cut for the remainder of the year, prolong unemployment benefits and adjust reimbursement rates for Medicare. The agreement, announced early Thursday by Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (Democrat from Montana) and House Ways and Means chair Dave Camp (Republican from Michigan), marks an increasingly rare event in Washington: a directly negotiated pact between Senate Democrats and House Republicans built behind closed doors on good-faith efforts, swapped concessions, very little drama and not, it would appear, a last-minute public full story

Moochers Against Welfare

Modern Republicans are very, very conservative; you might even (if you were Mitt Romney) say, severely conservative. Political scientists who use Congressional votes to measure such things find that the current G.O.P. majority is the most conservative since 1879, which is as far back as their estimates go.

And what these severe conservatives hate, above all, is reliance on government programs. Rick Santorum declares that President Obama is getting America hooked on “the narcotic of dependency.” Mr. Romney warns that government programs “foster passivity and sloth.” full story

DHS Memos Leaked: Obama's Back-Door Amnesty in Progress!

As Americans, we know the basics about how government is supposed to work. The Legislative Branch writes the laws and the Executive Branch enforces those laws. Yet our current Executive Branch led by President Obama is failing to uphold its responsibility to the American people – it is blatantly, and might I add audaciously, choosing not to enforce the laws that Congress has full story

Romney, Paul, Santorum to Skip March 1 Debate

A presidential debate scheduled for March 1 in Georgia has been canceled by CNN, The Hill reports.
Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum all decided to skip that debate, which is the last scheduled before "Super Tuesday" March 6, The Hill reports.
Former Massachusetts Gov. Romney bowed out first, citing schedule conflicts. “With [nine] other states voting on March 6, we will be campaigning in other parts of the country and unable to schedule the CNN Georgia debate," said Andrea Saul, Romney's campaign press full story

Obama Following Chicago Style Politics – Buying Votes

Back in the early and middle 1900s, the city of Chicago had a reputation of dirty politics. Corrupt politicians would stand outside the polls with a stack of money with which they would distribute to voters willing to cast their votes for the politician providing the bribe money.

Finally the practice was made illegal and voters could no longer have their votes bought with a couple of dollars. But politicians, especially the more corrupted ones are shrewd and clever and have found other questionable means of securing votes.

And why should Barack Obama be any different from other Chicago politicians? After all, that’s where he got his start in politics. Why even former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, a close friend of Obama, tried to sell Obama’s senate seat to the highest bidder when Obama was elected President.

A number of people are starting to believe that Obama is actively trying to buy the votes of millions of Hispanic full story

Our economy is terrible and not improving.  You may be among the people who think that you are not affected.  Let me tell you right now, you are affected.  Your home value has dropped, gas prices have increased, your grocery bill is higher, it costs more to go to a movie our out to a restaurant.  I could go on and on.  So you see you are affected and not only you but your children and grandchildren.  And you think you can do nothing about it.

You can do something about it.  You can remove the worst president in the history of these United States.  He is a major part of the problem.  Every vote counts and your vote is needed.  Make sure you are registered to vote and on super Tuesday, March 6th or the date of your primary, go to the poles and make your voice heard.  We need all your votes.  Don't give me petty excuses about why you can't or why you don't want to.  We have the freedom in the United States to vote.  Many other countries don't have that freedom.  I value that freedom and I exercise that freedom, even if it means I need to get a bady sitter, or if I have to take off work early or if my car is broke down and I have to ask a friend to take me or take the bus or take a taxie.  Don't give me these petty excuses.  I don't want to hear them.  What I want to hear is that you exercised your freedom to register to vote and that you went to the poles or are going to the poles to exercise that freedom again, to place your vote for the candidate that you think would make the best president; the candidate that would lead this country out of the social and economical whole that we have been plunged into.  Make your vote count.


What is this about Obama apologizing for Quran burning?  Sure, some soldiers will do things that they should not do.  Their commanding officer or superior may want to have a talk with them.  It may even justify a reprimand or KP duty, but the president of the United States, the commander and chief, does not need to make a formal apology for it.  If he is going to do that then he will stay busy with apologies.  He needs to grow  a backbone and be strong for our country.  We need a leadership of strength, not weakness. 

And while I'm talking about it, what about that first Lady?  In Feb. 2008 when it appeared that Obama was going to be the Democratic nominee, Michelle Obama said, "for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country".  This says to us that before this time she was not proud of her country, the United States. Are there really people who live here that are not proud of this country?  There may be some who take it for granted because they haven't experienced what it is like to live in some of the other countries of the world.  I'm not a world traveler but I have been to some southeast asia countries and believe you me, I much prefer the United States.  I am proud of my country and I would hope that you would be too, even if you were not born in the United States like many people I know.

Arizona is cotinuing to fight to keep Obama off the ballots in their state.  Now they are working on preventing the Obama contraception mandate from taking place.  I believe this is a states rights issue and all the various states should be able to decide for themselves.  People live in Florida because they like the Florida laws.  People live in California because they like California laws.  You have the freedom to move to whichever state you prefer.  Where do you move to when you don't like the Federal laws?

Well, did the elections yesterday go as you wanted?  Romney had an easy win in Arizona and a narrow win in Michigan.  Does this tell you something about Santorum?  I think Santorum is a scrapper.  He's tough and tries hard with what he has.  What does he have; marginal support and marginal funding.  Don't get me wrong, I think he is a good man but the big question is, can he beat Obama?  I don't think so.  If he can't beat Obama then we need somebody who can.  That's looking more and more like Mitt Romney.  What do you think?  Can we get behind Romney to correct and turn around the awful things that Obama has done to us all?

Postit note at a gas station reads: "Hey There, Voter! Do you remember that on Inauguration Day (Jan 20th) 2009, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was about $1.78? How's that "Hope & Change" working out for you? Anyone But Obama Nov. 2012.

Norquist to Newsmax: GOP Should Take Senate, Hold House

Low-tax crusader and Republican strategist Grover Norquist tells Newsmax the country is suffering from a very weak recovery because President Barack Obama “did all the wrong things” in reaction to the recession.

But as pundits tallied up the results from Super Tuesday, Norquist on Wednesday struck an optimistic tone on the GOP's chances in full story

Excuse Me Sir, You Can Only Speak Freely Elsewhere, Not Here

When our Founding Fathers wrote the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, they fully intended for them to stand as long as our nation stood.  But as we see our nation crumbling around us, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are also crumbling to the ground.

In the latest instance, the historic city of Williamsburg, Virginia is seriously considering stripping Americans of their First Amendment right to the freedom of speech…read full story


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