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What can a analog volt meter do that a digital one can't?

What can a analog volt meter do that a digital one can't?

What kind of tests or checks is good to use for an analog volt meter? to test for what?

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Analog volt meters have been around much longer than their digital counterparts.  And when we talk about an analog volt meter, we typically are referring to a multimeter because the meter measures voltage, current and resistance. 

Digital meters are very good about checking the forward bias of a transistor, out of the circuit, to determine if it may be shorted or open.  Also very good for checking diodes.  Where the difference comes in is checking capacitors.  It's fairly easy to check a large value capacitor on either digital or analog meters.  It's the small value capacitor that can be difficult if not impossible to check on a digital meter.  A small capacitor, however, can be easily checked on an analog meter by putting the meter in it's highest range and looking for the slight deflection of the needle indicator. 


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