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This is a series of 38 video lecture presentations prepared by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras.  They are made availalble through the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL).

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  1. Introduction
  2. Diodes
  3. Diode Characteristics
  4. Rectifier
  5. Voltage Multiplier
  6. Full Wave Rectifier and Peak Detector
  7. Diode as a GATE
  8. Analog GATE
  9. Small Signal Analysis of Diode Circuit
  10. Zener Regulator and Voltage Regulator
  11. Varactor Diode
  12. Amplifiers
  13. Cascading of Amplifiers
  14. Cascading of Amplifiers
  15. h and g Parameters
  16. Two Port Analysis
  17. Amplifier Applications
  18. Frequency Limitations Of An Amplifier
  19. Distortion In Amplifiers
  20. Bipolar Junction Transistor
  21. Transistor (BJT) Inverter
  22. Transistor Biasing
  23. Stable Way of Biasing
  24. Common Emitter Amplifiers
  25. Transistor Biasing Using Single Supply
  26. Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  27. Construction of a MOSFET
  28. Varieties of MOSFETS and JFETS
  29. Characteristics of MOSFET
  30. Cascading Amplifiers
  31. Cascading (Direct Coupling)
  32. The Differential Amplifiers
  33. BJT Differential Amplifiers
  34. MOSFET Differential Amplifiers
  35. Cascading Differential Amplifiers
  36. Current Source and Current Sink
  37. NMOS Inverters and CMOS Inverters
  38. Active Components used in Electronics

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