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Developing Mobile Apps with Web Technologies

This is a series of 9 video lecture presentations provided by Stanford University.

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Topics include CSS, HTML, HTML 5, WebOS and more.

Developing Mobile Apps with Web Technologies

  1. Lecture - 1 Web Vision for Mobile
  2. Lecture - 2 Web Skills: Introduction to Web Technologies and HTML5
  3. Lecture - 3 Mobile User Experience Design
  4. Lecture - 4 Developing WebOS Apps: Basics, SDK, Ares
  5. Lecture - 5 Developing WebOS Apps: UI Components, Services
  6. Lecture - 6 Developing WebOS Apps: Advanced Developments and Techni...
  7. Lecture - 7 Developing Games for the Web
  8. Lecture - 8 Cross Platform Mobile App Development with Appcelerator
  9. Lecture - 9 Mobile Apps: Marketing and Strategy

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