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Digital Communications I Video Lecture series presented by MIT

Digital Communications I Video Lecture series presented by MIT

Consists of 24 Lectures on various subjects in digital communications put together as an electronics course at MIT.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discrete Source Encoding
  3. Memory-less Sources, Prefix Free Codes and Entropy
  4. Entropy and Asymptotic Equipartition Property
  5. Markov Sources and Lempel-ZivUuniversal Codes
  6. Quantization
  7. High Rate Quantizers and Waveform Encoding
  8. Measure: Fourier Series and Fourier Transforms
  9. Discrete-time Fourier Transforms and Sampling Theorem
  10. Degrees of Freedom, Orthonormal Expansions, and Aliasing
  11. Signal Space, Projection Theorem, and Modulation
  12. Nyquist Theory, Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM),  Quadrature Ampli...
  13. Random Processes
  14. Jointly Gaussian Random Vectors and Processes and White Gaussian No...
  15. Linear Functionals and Filtering of Random Processes
  16. Review; Introduction to Detection
  17. Detection for Random Vectors and Processes
  18. Theorem of Irrelevance, M-ary Detection, and Coding
  19. Baseband Detection and Complex Gaussian Processes
  20. Introduction of Wireless Communication
  21. Doppler Spread, Time Spread, Coherence Time, and Coherence Frequency
  22. Discrete-time Baseband Models for Wireless Channels
  23. Detection for Flat Rayleigh Fading and Incoherent Channels, and Rak...
  24. Case Study— Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)


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