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J & J Pest Control in Forsyth (city), GA

This business doesn't deserve ANY stars.  They are not reliable.  They don't do what they say they are going to do, that is except for picking up your payment.  We signed a contract in the early part of June.  We gave them 1/2 down and a week later they came by my wife's workplace, telling her they were finished and picked up a check for the balance.  Of course the work wasn't finished.  Over the next 3 months I called and called receiving a pleasant answer and a promise to be out the next day to finish.  I did part of the work myself since it appeared they weren't going to do it.  I would not recommend this company to anyone.  It is run and owned by Andrew James.  He will take your money but you will not likely receive the service that was promised, in a timely manner.  In short, don't call them, call somebody else.

J & J Termite & Pest Control Reviews in Forsyth

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