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This is a series of 21 video lecture presentations provided by UC Berkley.

This is OpenCourseWare.

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

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Miceroelectronic Devices and Circuits

  1. Lecture - 2 Semiconductor Basics
  2. Lecture - 3 Semiconductor Basics cont'd and PN Junction Diodes
  3. Lecture - 5 PN Junction Diodes
  4. Lecture - 6 PN Junction Diodes
  5. Lecture - 7 BiPolar Junction Transistor
  6. Lecture - 9 BiPolar junction Transistors; Small Signal Model
  7. Lecture - 10 Amplifier Design
  8. Lecture - 11 Amplifier Topologies
  9. Lecture - 12 Amplifier Topologies Review, CE Common Emitter
  10. Lecture - 13 BJT Amplifiers, CB Common Base, CC Common Collector
  11. Lecture - 14 BJT Amplifiers, Cascode
  12. Lecture - 15 Cascodes and Current Mirrors
  13. Lecture - 16 Cascodes and Current Mirrors, Frequency Response
  14. Lecture - 18 Differential Amplifiers
  15. Lecture - 19 Differential Amplifiers, MosFET Structure and Operation
  16. Lecture - 20 MosFET Devices
  17. Lecture - 21 MosFET Devices continued
  18. Lecture - 22 MosFET Devices continued
  19. Lecture - 23 MosFET Models
  20. Lecture - 24 MosFET Models, Common Gate, Source Follower, Cascodes
  21. Lecture - 25 MosFET Cascodes, Current Mirrors, Frequency Response

These videos are licensed by UC Berkley, Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works).

For more information about this license, please read:

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Checkout the fantastic new video series on Electronic Devices.

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