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If you are a student in electronics or a professional in electronics, we encourage you to be a part of our FORUM.  Ask questions.  Get help…

Started by Jerome TrentLatest Reply


Do you know all the ins and outs of your calculator.  Your calculator is one of your pieces of equipment.  You should get to know it well. …

Started by Jerome TrentLatest Reply


Here you are able to add and find various electronic resources such as books(including ebooks), links to electronics or engineering website…

Started by JerryLatest Reply

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Drones for Fun and Income

Fly your own drone.  Lots of fun and make some money with it doing aerial videos of houses for sale, checking pipelines for leaks, check…

Started by Jerome Trent

0 May 26, 2014

New Products from Digi Key

October 2012 Data Converters • AD9635: Quad 12–bit, 80 MSPS/125 MSPS Serial LVDS 1.8 V ADC• AD5316:…

Started by Jerome Trent

0 Feb 28, 2013

How to choose darligton pair?

I'm designing 0-35 v & 5 Amp linear power supply. For this configuration I'm selecting LM317 with darligton pair ( for current boosting…

Started by Jerry James

1 Sep 28, 2012
Reply by Jerry

Reverse Saturation Current in SI Diode

What will be the effect of temperature on the diode during reverse bias condition?

Started by Zman

1 Sep 19, 2012
Reply by Jerry

How to bias a transistor to make a basic amplifier?

Hello I am a beguiner in electronics and need to learn how to bias a transistor to make a basic amplifier ?How to calculate the resistors ?…

Started by Kimly

1 Sep 18, 2012
Reply by Jerome Trent

Overvoltaging a Relay

Hello, I was looking for relays. If a relay is rated 120vac 10 A can I use it for less amperes at 230v ? thank you

Started by Zman

1 Sep 17, 2012
Reply by Jerry

Difference Between Level triggered flipflop and a Clocked latch?

Aren't they both the same??  Can a latch be clocked ... or a clocked latch just becomes a flipflop?

Started by Kimly

0 Sep 13, 2012

Why Does LED not Operate at High Frequencies

Need help in figuring our the LED frequency. So, I simply connected an LED (forward voltage of 3.3v) with a series resistor (85 ohm), that…

Started by Jerry James

0 Aug 24, 2012

DC Causes Transformer to Wear out??why?

Why does a transformer supposedly burn out when supplied with DC? I did do some searching and found explanations relating to emf as e=d(flu…

Started by Zman

1 Aug 16, 2012
Reply by Jerry

Transistor Gain Calculation

I have seen a lot of calculations where they take GAIN as 10 or 20 instead of the original value in the datasheet.For example 2n2222 transi…

Started by Jerry James

1 Aug 15, 2012
Reply by Jerome Trent


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