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As you can see.I built a circuit like this.I replaced 3.3Vdc instead of White LED(cant find them in my simulation software).The current for each LED suppose to get 11mA.but in practical board it is showing 4mA.Need to know what went wrong ?

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The DC current gain in your circuit is only 11.9. That's your Ic / Ib. From the data sheet, with Collector current of 10mA, you should have a minimum currrent gain of 80. Your circuit doesn't seem to have that. If this was an actual constructed circuit, it would seem there is something wrong with your transistor. If this is just through similation, then maybe the parameters are set wrong in the similator for your 2n4401.

That being said, if you want to increase your collector current, then reduce your base resistor value to increase your base current. That will result in increased collector current. One other thing I just thought of is put a jumper across the collector and emitter. See what current that gives you. That would simulate a saturated transistor.


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